Which Is Better [Blogger Vs WordPress] WordPress Free for Blogging

WordPress Free for Blogging

How Much Does it Cost to Start? and WordPress Free for BloggingWhen planning to start a blog everyone always hears about WordPress and Blogger that there are two best platforms to start blogging, then the first question after knowing about Blogger is whether it is WordPress for Blogging Is a free platform?

We all know, their query is relevant for us to ask because we all know about Blogger, which is owned by Google and allows free hosting and content management, but very rarely about the WordPress background Know and how does it work?

First of all, to answer your query, is WordPress free? So the answer is yes.

WordPress is free for others to use, edit, customize or resell but there are some additional costs involved with using WordPress which we will discuss later in this guide.

Now you are surprised and wondering why WordPress is a well-known tool in the content management industry, then why the company is not making money behind its development.”WordPress Free for Blogging”

The reason for this is that WordPress is an open-source software where thousands or millions of developers are contributing to making this software very powerful and it is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Now notice on WordPress which word it is free to use? And is it free to sell?

WordPress Free for Blogging

1. WordPress free, if so in what sense?

In the initial brief summary, we had already discussed that WordPress is not owned by a company, but is a collective contribution of thousands of developers.

WordPress Free for Blogging

WordPress is owned by a non-profit organization known as the WordPress Foundation. The organization was founded by the co-founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg.

The WordPress Foundation is critical to providing free access to the WordPress source code to support the community and has the responsibility of securing key trademarks of ownership below.

  1. WordPress
  2. WordPress logo
  3. WordCamp

All three are trademarks owned by the registered WordPress organization, so it is appropriate to respect the WordPress community and not use any of it for commercial purposes and instead use their abbreviations to avoid future legal issues.

He has strictly illustrated, do not use WordPress or WordCamp in your domain name or top-level domain name as their goal is to restrict business activities around WordPress usage.

By this point, you have come to know how WordPress is designed and who is controlling this entire future development, but still, both questions further discuss in what sense WordPress is free to use. is?

2. How is WordPress free to use?

WordPress is open-source software that is open for everyone to download, you can make changes with existing code and customize it to your needs.

There will be no restriction to do so as it is under General Public License (GPL) also known as GNU General Public License (GPL), this license is used with all open-source software.

is WordPress free to use

The context of free WordPress here means the freedom to use it the way you do not want in terms of monetary. Explain to me what you can do with the source code of WordPress and how it is allowed to be used for free.

  1. You can install and use it as long as you want without any restrictions.
  2. You can distribute the same copy of WordPress to another blogger for community support.
  3. You can customize the existing source code and redistribute it under a GPL license to another blogger.
  4. You can contribute to the WordPress community by sharing new patches, fixes or implementations and become a core contributor.

Well, from all the above points you get an idea of ​​how WordPress is free to use in every aspect, but make sure that you are making any changes with the existing source code of WordPress and creating a new one, then a new version. It will be launched automatically under a GPL license.

3. Sell ​​Wordpress for free?

We have already discussed how WordPress is free to use but what if someone wants to create a market around it by selling a customized or edited version of WordPress.

Then as I said earlier everything that is running above the WordPress source code will only be launched under the GPL license.

You can customize, bundle and redistribute WordPress source code the way you want, but will only be under the GPL license.

This means that the person to whom you are selling your customized version of the software will also get full ownership of the code you have sold, which he can then make changes and resell it under the GPL license.”WordPress Free for Blogging”

The same is the case with plugins and themes created under the WordPress GPL license where all are free to download and use and adapt and redistribute.

This means if you buy or download a free or premium version of the plugin or theme, you are still allowed to make changes and can sell it to others like WordPress where the newly created plugin or theme will be under the GPL license.

But even then, the idea of the theme is under dispute, but from the official post of wordpress.org, it was found below the defining details.

  • PHP in WordPress themes should be under GPL.
  • Artwork and CSS maybe but not required under the GPL license.

Which proves that any new changes you are making under the current theme of the GPL license, then all the images, CSS and JavaScript in the newly created theme can be excluded from the GPL, although HTML and PHP are WordPress derived Will be a part of and therefore under this GPL.

If you are with me up to this point then why did we discuss earlier that it can cost a few extra bucks to live your WordPress website? I have to answer that as an opposition to WordPress.

4. Cons Use WordPress?

By this point, we have learned how WordPress is free to use and does not require extra money to invest, but the reality is that WordPress is just a content management system that cannot live on the Internet without hosting.

So it requires additional resources of the WordPress software suite to make your site complete and live on the Internet.

5. WordPress hosting

WordPress must first be installed on one of the hosts where hosting ensures you to hold all the content live on the Internet.

Wordpress hosting

By default, each hosting you purchase will have a default installation of WordPress and the average shared hosting can cost you around $ 3-5 / month as their subscription fee.

Hosting can be expensive, but Bluehost offers around 60% discount on your first time purchase, if you want to buy more on hosting plans or want to learn, don’t miss step by step detail about how to buy hosting Do it

6. Domain name

To live your site on the Internet you need a domain name which will be an address of your website that anyone can browse it and visit your site, there are many domain provider companies outside.

Domain name
Domain name

If you don’t know what a domain name is and how to make a purchase, be sure to visit the Detail Guide on the Best Domain Name, where the average cost of a domain name can cost you around $ 10 / year.

Above two, hosting and domain names are a primary requirement for any WordPress website to go live on the Internet and will certainly require an average of $ 6-7 / month as an investment.

But apart from this, if you need any advance facility then some premium services like:

7. Premium theme For WordPress

By default, the wordpress.org theme library has many themes that are under the GPL license and are free to use by any WordPress user.

premium theme for wordpress

But if you want a premium theme, it could probably cost you around $ 40-60 / year, which is not very important and I do not recommend any beginner to buy unless you Don’t really need it.

8. Premium plugins

WordPress has a collection of thousands of plugins and keeps adding most of it day to day to automate most of its work, among them the very famous search engine optimization (SEO) plugin called Yoast SEO.

Premium plugins

Almost every plugin in their free plan offers the best value but if you are looking for premium support or auto-update of a plugin then you can definitely buy it from their monthly subscription plan.

If you have a minimum of 5-7 rupees, it is quite good to have a WordPress website live, but you would also argue why to invest $ 5/ month even if there is a platform like Blogger that is completely free.

If you are thinking so, I better recommend going through a detailed guide on the difference between Blogger vs. WordPress and how WordPress is the best CMS compared to Blogger.

After going through the above-suggested guide, I believe you are planning to get started with WordPress, if so and still do not want to invest $ 7, perhaps the next solution is WordPress.com.

You must have heard of WordPress.com and WordPress.org and both can be considered similar but the reality is both different but how, tell me briefly?

8. Difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?

All we’ve discussed so far was about WordPress.org, not WordPress.com, where WordPress.org is just a suite of software that can’t live without hosting or domains.

Difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

However, WordPress.com is co-founded by WordPress.org Matt Mullenweg. Where you do not need to buy hosting and to some extent you will get the convenience of platforms like WordPress.

WordPress.com features:

  • This will give you unlimited free hosting, so there is no need to spend 4-5 rupees per month.
  • This will give you a free subdomain that ended with the extension (example-wordpress.com).
  • This will provide you a limited number of free themes from the WordPress library.
  • From the free library, you can also install a limited number of available plugins.
9. Cons of WordPress.com:

If you are willing to move to a custom domain then you need to upgrade their monthly plan.
If you are planning to change the theme or want to add a custom theme then you have to upgrade to the monthly plan.

If there is a plan to add or use any additional plugins from the WordPress free library, there is a need to upgrade to a monthly plan.
You cannot monetize your website under the free plan, but after upgrading their monthly membership you can join their advertising program called WordAid.
This means that if your purpose is just to write and host content and do not want to monetize your site or you want to use the WordPress feature for free, then maybe you can go with WordPress.com.

Considering their monthly membership it starts from $ 6 / month to $ 45 / month to check the latest pricing on their site.

However, WordPress.org is a completely open suite where we have already learned:

10. WordPress.org Feature:
  • It is free to use, so there is no need to pay any monthly subscription.
  • There is no limit to the use of additional plugins.
  • There is no limit to the use of any custom or additional theme. e.t.c.
  • You can monetize your site with Adsense like Adsense and earn money.

WordPress Cons:

Need to pay for hosting and domain.
You are responsible for the security and backup of the site.
I tried my best to highlight all the major differences between WordPress.org vs. wordpress.com, which always give you some guidance on how to choose WordPress.org if you really want to build a business around a WordPress or blogging career. Interested in.

Will the content published on WordPress be under the GPL?
Up to this point, we discussed that everything within or contributing to WordPress would be under the GPL, so there might be an opportunity you’re wondering, does this even cover the content?

As per the WordPress.org guidelines, they have done trademark registration on the use of the WordPress name and their source code is under the GPL license.

So the writing material will be your own copyright, you can claim it whenever you want. It will not fall under the GPL and you may have your own copyright or license for your artwork or post or the material you plan to publish.

As long as you use WordPress’s source code to perform some derivative works or explain on building some new functionality using the same source code, only the content can be under the GPL license.

11. How is the WordPress community making money?

There is business everywhere. Why not with WordPress, open-source software will also require various technical support for the user.

As described below.

WordPress community making money

Hosting websites such as Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround, NameCheap, etc., earn millions of dollars every year just for hosting a WordPress website.
Thousands of plugins have already been created, where owners provide premium support and auto-update feature and earn million dollar revenue like the very famous SEO plugin Yost SEO.
Thousands of premium themes are being sold in the market for $ 50-300 / year such as Oceanweap, Hestia, Astra, etc.
When WordPress VIP was first launched under their WordPress.com subscription plan, they earned $ 300 million in 7 rounds for using full access to WordPress.

Even you as a GPL user of WordPress can expand the WordPress software with some advanced features and bundle and later sell it to other users and make money from it.

Which blogging site should I use?

Every blogging website based on Content Management System (CMS), but there are some that are best for blogging such as WordPress Org Becuase WordPress Customization is limited. You can customize your website as you want and if you want to make money from the website Want to earn or are you a professional blogger and other savvy if you are a beginner and a beginner on some other platforms like Blogger and Use Iks etc.

12. Is Blogger Better Than WordPress?

What a good content management system, but if you have a professional business and customers and you are a pro blogger, then you should start a WordPress org and if you are new to blogging then go with blogger as blogger beginner and blogger Are the best for Understand that both are better as to their usage.

13. What is the difference between Blogger and WordPress?

There is a lot of difference between WordPress or Blogger
Wordpress is paid and blogger is free
Blogger has limited customization and unlimited customization features in WordPress.
Blogger is easy to understand and WordPress is difficult to understand for beginners
Blogger has Google support and WordPress has no official support
WordPress has many templates and plugins but on the other hand Blogger Limited templates and widgets.

14. Is WordPress free for blogging?

WordPress is free for blogging but if you are using WordPress Org then you should pay money for web hosting and domain name so if you have money then use WordPress Org and if you are initially WordPress Use the free version that provides you with a WordPress subdomain name with your chosen domain. Such as – WWW.XXXXX.WORDPRESS.COM.

15. What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Dynamic and some time on the website is a single page, so it is the big difference in the blog or your blog is updated daily on the website, but your website is a time when you set your website, you don’t change daily. And some websites have a blog section in the nickname.

16. What is the best free blog site?

The ConteManagementnet System is free as long as you are not adding edition features such as Blogger is free in the platform but if you want to add a domain name then you pay LL for domain name providers and on the other hand WordPress is free but if you are in it Want to add more features you should add WordPress org and then you will pay for hosting and domain.

17. Can You Make Money With Blogger?

Bloggers can earn money but you need to have some knowledge of monetization if your blog is monetized with any platform like Adsense or Media.net and on the other hand you can use affiliate programs and other monetization options. You can create your own digital product and sell it on your websites such as eBook or any tool.

18. The difference between Blogger vs Blogspot?

  • Blogger and Blogspot are a single platform
  • Blogspot has Blogspot Subdomain with your chosen URL and when you add your custom domain name it becomes Blogger
  • Google Support in Blogspot Domain Server and Domain Name Provider Support in Blogger Domain Server
  • Unprofessional and Blogger Watch with Blogspot Domain Name Look Professional
  • Blogspot is hard to rank your posts and blogger. If you are writing relevant content then you can easily rank

19. Difference between WordPress or WordPress Org 

  • WordPress is free and WordPress org is paid version
  • WordPress org has a lot of customization options and WordPress Limited
  • You cannot add Adsense to WordPress and on the other hand, you can easily monetize any monetization method in WordPress org.
  • WordPress is less supported and the WordPress org is fully supported
  • WordPress has no features and on the other hand, WordPress org has unlimited features.

20. Blogger vs WordPress full comparison
Free and WordPress paid

  1. Blogger’s Limited Features and WordPress is fully customizable
  2. Blogger has Google support and WordPress has third party support
  3. Blogger is best for beginners and WordPress is best for professionals
  4. Blogger has no premium templates and WordPress has many different templates.
21. Blogger Vs WordPress Which Is Best For Adsense Approval?

approved My website was 2 weeks old and IM 5 used to publish high-quality articles and then my Adsense account was approved within 2 days. If you want to approve your Adsense account then Blogger is the best because Blogger is a product of Google is. But you can approve it. Your account with WordPress.


I imagine, if you are in the early stage of blogging and are planning to start your new successful blogging journey, I recommend starting with WordPress.org as it is completely free and you can get around 40 -50 boxes can estimate an annual cost of maximum.

If you plan to get started with WordPress.com, it may be your worst decision to switch it from there to wordpress.org, so it would be better to plan your future outlook.

WordPress is completely free in terms of use, so why not take advantage of the same and start your journey with blogging so that you can earn money by implementing Adsense advertising network or many other passive earning methods.WordPress Free for Blogging

The best part is custom plugins that can automate most of your process to rank faster in Google and get immediate results.



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