What is keyword research? How to rank blog posts

Today you are going to learn a lot of good things since many people have started creating a lot of websites and blogs since they started giving more time on the internet and you might have created your own blog but when Millions of blogs are already in such a way that if you even create your blog, will your blog come in the search result undefined? In such a way it is very important to know that Blog POST How to rank,
First of all, know what the keyword is and when you know about the keyword, then understand the keyword research very easily.
Whenever you search anything on the search engine website like Yahoo Yahoo or Bing, the term you type is called a keyword, it may be that you have not understood this, then you can explain it in a more simple way. I take an example
Suppose that you would like to search something on Google, first of all, Google.com will open the website and then where you have a choice to search, you will write some words like if you want to search anything “blog How to Start When you write this whole Sentence, this Sentence is called a keyword,

Keyword Research Meaning

Now you have understood this very well that what is the meaning of Keyword. Now you will understand what is meant by keyword research?
Research means you have to search the keyword here. Now you have to search the keyword. Now you will again have a question about how this happens and if you want to understand in the entire detail then keep reading this post and my friends when this post is complete If you read, you will share it with your friends.

How to rank a blog post

Let’s now understand it well, the thing is if you have a blog or a website, then there will be some posts or posts on your blog that you wrote, but you tell me if you wrote the post well but when a user uses your blog If you do not read, then what will be the benefit?
In such a way, you will think about how people come to your blog, every blogger wants that a search engine such as Google has come from his blog and comes only to Google when your blog’s post search will come in the result.
Now the biggest thing is how will the post search of your blog come in the results?
To bring the search result, you will have to post your blog according to the search engine and for that, you have to do keyword research as long as you do not know what people are searching on the search engine, Can write post according to a search engine?

Best Keyword Research Tools

You must have keyword research tools in order to research the keyword and in this case, you will probably want to know the name of the best keyword research tools.
  • SemRush Keyword Analyser
  • Backlinko
  • Ahref
  • Longtailpro
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Alexa etc.

Now you also want to know that these are all paid tools but if there is a free person then the answer is yes. You also tell me about free tools.
Free Keyword Research Tools
The best tool you want if you want is Google Keyword Planner, you can use keyword research in free.