Step To Step Detail How Blogs Work and What is Blog

How Blogs Work and What Is Blog Do You Know what this blogging is about, What is blog, How do bloggers make money in blogging? And how are blogs and websites different? You are not just with questions. I also had time.

How Blogs Work and What Is Blog

I have been involved in web development for over 8 years. I felt that I never had a blog. I also remember telling my mother that I never had one. I can’t figure out why anyone would have an online diary that other people could read. I started my first blog, a niche Tech blog. There is nothing like a diary blog that started this whole blogging.

Why did I start my first blog? Entrepreneurial opportunities thrill me. I wonder if you can really make money blogging and how much. How are you? What is Blog? Are you curious too,

What Is Bolg?

Blogs are essentially online journals with entries known as posts. When you read a blog, you will see that the latest blog posts appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent appearing posts. A typical blog post will usually include text and graphics. While videos and podcasts are less common, these forms of media are growing in popularity.

In the 90s, blogs referred to as online diaries were called weblogs, which was later shortened to blogs. They have since evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry. Personal, non-commercial blogs still exist, but more often we find that blogs are being used by entrepreneurs. Blogs provide great benefits! For one, they provide entrepreneurs with a cost-effective platform for various marketing purposes.

Difference between Blog and Website

If you do not know the difference between a blog and a website, you are not alone. A common question I’ve heard is, “Should I start a blog or a website. Blogs and websites are often used for interchange. This causes confusion. Minimize the difference between a blog and a website.

Difference between Blog and Website

A blog is a feature that can be added to the website if needed. It is like an online magazine with entries. These entries are usually called posts. You are currently reading a post on our blog which is part of our website. So, if someone says that they have a blog, they definitely have a website.

A website can exist without a blog. But a blog cannot exist without a website. Many websites do not require a blog. So, if someone says that they have a website, they may or may not have a blog.

There are three types of websites in relation to blogs:

  • The website is a blog.
  • There is a blog on the website.
  • The website does not have a blog.

Let’s look at each of these websites in more detail.

Website is blog and What is Blog

Many websites, in this way, revolve around the content found in blogs, which contain other website content. These websites usually have a blog, about page, contact page, disclaimer page and anything else. They are often referred to as blog sites.

Website has a Blog

The blog is part of the website but not the main focus of the website. There are blogs from companies like Hostigier (our web host provider) and Amazon. You can find them in the footer menu under your websites.

Obviously, the focus of these websites is not their blog. Their focus is on selling products and services. Many businesses use their blogs to help and inform their customers.

Website does not have a blog

Not much to explain here, right? The website does not have a blog. Most, if not all, no-blog websites cannot create a blog if they need to but for now, they simply have their own website.

Why are starting a blog?

Businesses create blogs to create blogs, share news, build relationships, and improve SEO (search engine optimization). How do SEOs improve? Search engines reward fresh, valuable content with high rankings. Higher search engine rankings should equal higher website traffic and better revenue. But why would someone want to create a blog? 

A blog gives people a platform to:

  • To express thoughts, opinions, and opinions.
  • To raise social awareness.
  • To find a better job.
  • For networking.
  • To improve writing skills
  • Educating or influencing others.
  • To show skill and talent.
  • For accountability and self-motivation.
  • To express creativity.
  • For self-promotion.
  • Expressing feelings for cathartic purposes.
  • to resume.
  • For networking.
  • To connect with like-minded individuals.
  • to make friends.
  • To know about a subject.
  • For accountability and self-motivation.
  • To inspire others.
  • To improve self-worth
  • Creating web traffic for an event, institution, non-profit or business.
  • To Make Money

People blog for a lot of reasons. No matter what, most bloggers want to make money with their blogs. Let’s take a look at how bloggers make money.

How do bloggers make money blogs? What is Blog

Bloggers make money blogging and you can too. First of all, you have to make high-quality content. Your content will help bring traffic to your blog and build trust with readers. Once you have visitors to your blog you have the ability to make money. Even modest blog traffic can bring in a good side income.

How do bloggers make money blogs

There are 3 main ways to earn money from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing:- This is where you make a commission by promoting and selling other people’s products and services. For many bloggers, the Amazon Associates Program is their first step into the world of affiliate marketing.

Displaying Ads:- Most bloggers start showing advertisements using Google Adsense. When traffic increases enough, other advertising opportunities will likely outweigh the revenue from Google Adsense.

Sell ​​your products and services:– Selling your products through your blog takes more time and effort than displaying advertisements or promoting affiliate products. It also offers a big reward! The low overhead involved in developing your own digital downloads and digital courses provide a particularly attractive opportunity!
Most blogs are little more than hobbies, but a large number of bloggers make a significant income. Enough money to quit your job and focus full time on blogging. Many of these bloggers make six and seven figures!

The main key to making money with a blog is to provide quality content. I really cannot emphasize this. People buy from people they trust. Quality content builds trust, reader loyalty, higher SEO capability, higher traffic, and more revenue.

How to start a blog and Earn money

If you have read it, you are probably interested in starting a blog. So, who can start a blog? Anyone can start a blog these days! You do not need to know the programming code. (you get what you see) editors do the coding for you. How cool is it ?! Writing your content is like using a word processing program.

That said, there are some other things to learn but they are not really difficult. I will help you understand those things in time. The most common mistake new bloggers make is choosing the wrong blogging platform. You have not done that when you start because I guide you on your path.

Choose the right self-hosted/Cloud Hosted/Share Hosting blogging platform

Choosing the wrong blogging platform will limit the options, especially to make money with your blog. Some blog platforms impose restrictions that you can make with your blog.

Share Hosting blogging platform

The blog platform that you put restrictions on is called a hosted website platform. These will be Blogger,, Wix and similar networks. You have all the components needed for your blog in one place. Seems good and convenient, but if you are not planning to invest money on it then you do not want their restrictions. Hosted website platforms are used for personal blogs that are not commercialized.

Remove the restrictions and protect your blog from being a self-hosted blog. To do this you will need a publishing platform to write your blog and a web host that will store your blog and serve it to everyone on the Internet. Where and Hostigier come from.

WordPress and Bluehost and Hostgator

The best combination for a self-hosted blog is WordPress and Bluehost and Hostgator. This may sound confusing but there is a difference between the above mentioned and org. has a self-hosted version of its web publishing platform.

To reiterate, you want to use the WordPress web publishing platform available through, not Bonus! it’s free! And it is very reliable! About 32% of all websites are built with WordPress. But don’t rush to get it yet.

First things first. To install that Hostigier on WordPress and you need a web host. WordPress also recommends that you use Hostigier, so there is no need to shop. You want Hostigier as your hosting provider. This is the best option.

I know it can be confusing for those people blogging, but the good thing is that if you follow my guidance, you will never have to learn a lot of trivia, which will give you the road to success. But will slow down I want to see you get up and running with my blog ASAP.

Ready to create your blog? You need to get started here

  1. Some say 30 minutes is less but give yourself extra time.
  2. A hosting account with Bluehost. This way you become a self-host.
  3. A domain name that you will get for free when you sign up on Hostiger.

Remember I said that you are using WordPress? Ok, you only have to follow those signs. When you set up your Hostigier account and they will install WordPress for you. That is why I said that you do not need to go to first.

Our Blogging Basics Series

Not ready to start at all? Not to worry! I will cover each step of signing up with Hostigier and installing WordPress in an upcoming post. Sign up below and I’ll let you know when next Not ready to start at all? not to worry! I will cover each step of signing up with Hostigier and installing WordPress in an upcoming post. Sign up below and I’ll let you know when the next post is published.

Don’t want to wait on our series? Ready to run on the ground? Check out your blog course launched by our friends Alex and Lauren at Create & Go. They have amazing courses that are sure to help. He taught me a lot in his professional blogger course, Six-Figure Blogger.

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The conclusion

Most people reading this article are probably interested in creating a blog site, a website that is primarily made up of content in the blog with a supporting page such as the one used to support the content of the blog it occurs. Many bloggers monetize their blogs and make a full-time income and with time and dedication, you can too!

If you started your blog with Bluehost through the steps above. Your next step will be to adjust some WordPress settings, set up a theme, and write on your first blog post.

This post, Blogging Basics What is Blog  And How Blogs Work is the first in a series of posts that help you set up your blog, monetize, drive traffic, and more through every stage of blogging. I will guide you.