Tej Pratap-Aishwarya Marriage:- Lalu had broken this word, what will it be going on


Tej Pratap-Aishwarya Marriage:- Lalu had broken this word, what will it be going on?

News of rising distance between Tej Pratap and Aishwarya is in the headlines. Tej Pratap Yadav today filed a petition in the court for divorce from Aishwarya on Friday. When it comes to the matter of divorce, not only Bihar, it has become the subject of discussion in the whole country, what has happened between Durga Pratap and Aishwarya that the matter reached a divorce. It is also coming to hear that since marriage, everything was not right between the two. According to media reports, Pratap took the decision without divorcing Aishwarya without consulting the family and reached the court.

Unhappy Lalu Prasad Yadav

The point of note is that what is going to happen to the son of RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav, who is being treated at Rims Hospital? It is coming to the hearing that Lalu Prasad is unhappy with this move of Tigapratap and he has also refused to meet with Pride. The whole family is unhappy with the decision of Divya Pratapap’s divorce.

Lalu had broken this word

Remind that Lalu Prasad Yadav saw his many Arameans complete at Taj Pratap’s wedding. Not only that, but Lalu Prasad Yadav had also broken a promise in the marriage of his son. Lalu had vowed that he would never eat meat snacks. Lalu Prasad broke his promise of eating non-vegetarian food for the second time in a Ramayana.

Such a broken Lalu

Laloo Prasad Yadav had declared himself a vegetarian during the press conference held on November 7 last year and had said that Shivaji has promised that now he will not accept meat. and now I have even stopped looking at it. An astrologer had advised Lalu Prasad and his family surrounded by accusations of Anonymous property that the big house should be left behind to eat meat. Then astrologer Shri Tripathi had also claimed that “Laloo Prasad has become vegetarian by conduct and he is following vegetarianism with the complete fraternity.”

Lalu breaks the promise during Aishwarya’s farewell

After the departure of Aishwarya and 10, the circular road was tired after Lalu Prasad was resting. Meanwhile, there was an invitation to eat fish and rice from Samridhana, i.e. former minister Chandrika Roy’s house, he could not stop himself and the former MP Shivanand Tiwari and MLA Bhola Yadav reached Sanghhainana along with them. Due to the completion of the law of Author-Bahor in the morning, Lalu’s elder son Tarapratap Yadav also reached his in-laws with his bride. Fish-rice and salad were served on the dining table. Lalu Prasad with Samadhi Chandrika Rai and Samdhin Purnima Rai also gave food to the meal. Aishwarya along with her sisters had given food to Lalu, Shivanand and Bhola Yadav.