Roz Dhan – The Best Platform for YouTubers to Earn Money

Today I am telling you about such a refer and earn program platform from which you can earn in thousands of millions. I am talking about RozDhan from which Blogger, YouTuber, and you man can earn money. In this post, you will get complete information about what Roz Dhan is and how to earn money from RozDhan App. How to Earn Money from RozDhan.

How To Earn Money Roz Dhan App Rs 1000 Per Day

                                                                            How To Earn Money Roz Dhan App Rs 1000 Per Day

If you are a blogger then you can make income by promoting RozDhan App on your blog and if you are a YouTuber.

A common user can earn by sharing it on social media. This is the best option of earning for users interested in earning money from the application mobile app.

What is RozDhan App – What is Roz Dhan

RozDhan is one of the best entertainment video sharing app in which you can watch and download video songs, new video, Hindi video, and Telugu videos.

This is also like another video-sharing app, but the special thing in it is that you can also earn money by sharing videos from it. That is, along with watching videos, you can also earn from this app.

With this, viewers can also earn money and YouTubers too, YouTubers can earn money from its RozDhan referral program and the viewer can share its videos.

RozDhan also offers to refer & earn program on its official website which is mostly for YouTuber, however, bloggers and other people can also earn from it.

I am telling you about both the ways here step by step details, this guide is helpful for both the user and the normal user running YouTube channel.

How to earn money from RozDhan? Earn Money with Roz Dhan

Many YouTubers have earned more than 5 lakhs from the RozDhan referral program, you must have seen the big Youtuber promoting it too, now let me tell you how to earn money from daily money.

There are 4 ways to earn money from RozDhan.

  1. Dedicated Video: You can get paid promotion by making a full video about RozDhan.
  2. Advertisement Video: A minute’s RozDhan ad will have to be given in the first of the video and add a link to the description.
  3. Per Download: You can get the RozDhan app anywhere in your video and download it by giving a link.
  4. Monthly Salary Agreement: If you want, you can join a long time with it and keep a monthly record, in this, you will have to promote a logo, video, banner, and screen.

In these four ways, you can earn money from RozDhan. Now you must be thinking about what will be done to promote it, then I will also tell you about it.

First of all, you visit its official website and click on the Register option. Now you will see a contact form, in which you have to submit your and your YouTube channel details.

Roz Dhan app

  • Write your full name.
  • Add your email address
  • Add your contact number
  • Add your YouTube Channel Name.
  • Add your YouTube Channel Link.
  • Add your YouTube Channel subscription number.
  • Click on Last, Submit button.

After clicking the submit button “Your Form submitted successfully. We will Contact you Soon ….. !!!!” The message will be shown.

This means your details have been submitted and the RozDhan team will contact you soon. In this way, you can earn money from the Roshan referral program.

This information was for YouTubers to earn money from RozDhan, now I tell you how to earn money from Roz Dhan App.

How to earn money from RozDhan App? – Earn Money with Roz Dhan App

For the smartphone user interested in earning from the mobile app, Roz Dhan is the best income source, you can earn a lot from the RozDhan refer and earn app.

For this, first of all, download RozDhan App from Google Play Store on your mobile. You can also download it from the link given below.

As soon as you open and download the RozDhan app, you will get an option of Rs 25 credit or Enter Your Mobile Number.

  • Verify OTP by adding your mobile number.
  • After that, you will get 25Rs.
  • Now you can earn Rs 25 more by adding our referral code.

For this, click on Fill the invitation to get 25 Rs button and add our referral code XXXXX, you will get Rs 25 immediately.

As soon as you add the invitation code, your balance will be Rs 50. You can check in the account balance.

You will get 25 rupees as soon as the mobile number is verified, now you can invite your friends to download this app and you can earn by adding the referral code.

You will get 1250 coins per invite and per referral Rs 25. Every 250 coins get 1 rupee, which means you will get 1250 coins i.e. 5 rupees after downloading the app from your shared link.

Remember, you will get a referral commission only when an invited user (your friend) will use your invitation code. Referral commission will not be available if you do not use the referral code.

The advantage of the invited user by using the Invitation code is that he will get Rs 25 immediately, i.e. he will get Rs 25 referral from Rs 25 RozDhan.

The more you share the app, the more your earning will be, you can share the app to friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Gmail, Email from the app dashboard.

RozDhan also provides QR code, you can install the app by your friends if you want.

Now comes the payment “How does RozDhan Payment do this?” So you can send your earning to Paytm account. When you have a total of 200 rupees in your RozDhan account, then you can send it to the Paytm wallet.

If you have a passion for making videos, then you can make videos and upload them on the app, you will get coins and your followers will also be made.

In this way, you can earn money from the RozDhan referral program and its RozDhan App, if you have any questions about it, you can ask in the comment.

Do share this post with your friends so that they too can earn by using RozDhan.