Nannu Dochukunduvate’ review

Executive R.S Naidu’s written work has the start. The storyline of Nannu Dochukunduvate isn’t outstanding. Be that as it may, the thoughtfulness regarding certain genuine character attributes that this author executive converts into the content, makes this film a sensibly fun trip. 

Two differentiating characters are at the fore. Karthik (Sudheer Babu, who has additionally delivered this film) is married to his work. He approaches his undertakings mechanically, is a dread to his subordinates and just considers ventures (what another place however an IT firm). He doesn’t shed a tear notwithstanding when his grandma is no more. Perhaps he feels the misfortune, however, doesn’t indicate it. He’s there face to face to comfort his dad, yet there’s dependably an inconspicuous divider among him and others. 

At the opposite end of the range is the youngster lady Meghna (Nabha Natesh). An understudy, she moonlights as an on-screen character in short movies. She’s the kind who transfers complimenting remarks without anyone else work under various names on YouTube
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These two are put together when Meghna is reserved in to go about as ‘Siri’, the non-existing sweetheart of Karthik, just to conciliate his father (Nasser). Why Siri? Since Karthik can just think about the iPhone right hand’s name to get away from a dilemma when he’s examined about marriage. 

It takes a while for the story to discover its beat as were acquainted with the devil like supervisor Karthik and Meghna who resembles the prosaic bubbly courageous woman until the point when her characterization starts to develop. It’s fun observing how Meghna ‘gets into her character’ on her short film sets. The scene where Karthik and Meghna give Nasser distinctive records of how they initially met is an uproar. He concocts the first gathering in a work circumstance while she takes the dingy course — comparing it to how Mahesh Babu spots Shruti Haasan in Srimanthudu. 

The bond among Karthik and Meghna assumed name Siri grows gradually and includes a couple of agreeable sections highlighting Nasser. The robot-like Karthik defrosts and even endeavors to act in a short film, to amusing and lamentable outcomes. 

Before long, the account bungles by taking a normally cloudy bypass in the segments where he spares her from frivolous goons. What’s more, expectedly, a melody takes after. Resourcefulness goes for a hurl in circumstances like these. 

Nannu Dochukunduvate recovers its demonstration in the later bits, as it investigates the bond among Karthik and his dad, and Meghna and her mom (played adequately by ‘Shankarabharanam’ Tulasi). The guardians on either side handle circumstances with logic, without getting excessively enthusiastic. Nasser has attempted a few sections as a hovering father yet gets freshness into his depiction and is persuading as the dad who quietly agonizes the void left by his significant other. 

Sudheer Babu expands on the believability earned through Sammohanam and is in a state of harmony with his character. He portrays Karthik’s transitioning and change to stop and acknowledge connections great. Nabha Natesh is a disclosure. She has the naivete to steal away her piece of a young lady who has a develop head behind the chirpy facade. 

A few little characters additionally establish a connection and don’t wind up as props — from the maradalu to the cook, the school important to a lesser artiste on a film set, there’s some idea given to every one of them.

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