Best 7 Essential Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons For Blog Owners

We made a list by some of the best authors of the Google Chrome extension before being used for their blogs. Now, it wouldn’t be fair to those who don’t use just Chrome, of course, because of the extension. This is why we will also exclude you from the playground by giving us our top recommendations for Mozilla Firefox add-ons for blog owners. After all, it is one of the most popular browsers with Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons


The fact that it comes with its own selection of robust Firefox add-ons for blog owners is also one of its strongest points. These add-ons help to a great extent in reducing the load on your website which will cause plugins as some of these add-ons can change some plugin functions.

If you are loyal to the browser, then you want to take a look at these Firefox add-ons for blog owners. Note that they each have objectives and expertise.

Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons

1. Lights

Another important aspect of your blog is to make sure that you have enough images to break the ice or at least grab the attention of your audience. As we all know, downloading photos via Google or making screenshots using Windows can be tedious. This is why add-ons like LightShot exist.

 Essential Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons For Blog Owners

This Firefox add-on lets you quickly take, edit, and upload screenshots to your Firefox browser without many hoops. You can also use it to take videos and upload them. If you want to store your media there to save hard space, LightShot also has its own cloud server. When you have this add-on, no more external applications are required for screenshots.

2. Dark Reader

When it comes to researching for your content, the hardest and most time-consuming part is reading the text through a screen. You can do this till late at night and after prolonged reading, your eyes may get sore or hurt. With add-ons like Dark Reader, you definitely want to take care of your eyes.

This is a very dedicated night mode extension for your Firefox browser. In this way, no webpage is exempted from the said functionality. Of course, you can adjust the dark or glow colors applied to each webpage to suit your needs. The best thing is that it does not show advertisements and is open source.

3. Grammar

You’re probably tired of seeing grammar as a browser extension recommendation over and over again, but it can’t be helped. It is one of the more popular ones on the Internet right now and you can quickly handle any proofing or spelling needs for your written content.


As expected, Grammarly comes with a free version which should be sufficient for the most part. Premium Edition coaches you a lot on how to improve and optimize your writing for your audience and for search engine optimization (SEO). It is top-rated with millions of users, so you know you’re not wrong in it.

4. Export Tab URL

Hyperlinking to your content is quite easy but when you have a bazillion tab open and you need them all, it can get cluttered and cause some headaches. Moving through multiple tabs to find the URL you want to link to can be unproductive. Using extensions like Export Tab URL will save you the headache associated with it.

This add-on will collect all the URLs of all your tabs in the browser and consolidate them into a notepad-like list that you can open in your browser. That way, you can easily copy and paste the specific URL you need. This eliminates the time you spend looking for the linked URL.

5. Wake back Machine

If you have been writing content for a long time, you often come up with content that is no longer available and has reached the 40th sky. This can interrupt your research or linking process, but it does not have the correct plugin called a wake machine.

This allows you to view any content that is usually a 404 error page. The add-on will automatically detect it for you and offer to show you a stored version of the webpage. In this way, you will still be able to see completely as if it were still functional. It is also not just for 404 errors; DNS failures and other webpage loading errors are also included. Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons 

6. Undo Tab

As we’ve mentioned before, multiple tabs on one browser can become your sworn enemy. Give them enough crowd and tabs can only become ‘close’ buttons and this can cause frustration. Luckily, an add-on under a close tab that easily and quickly lets you accidentally close any tab.

Additionally, the under close tab can also provide a list of recently closed tabs at your disposal, like a mini-history so that you can quickly go back to them. This is a small help, but it can be valuable when it comes to reducing frustration and waste.

7. Rescue Time

Blogging can be laid out more than a normal office or desk job, but if you manage multiple websites or lack manpower, you are going to manage your time more efficiently to get anywhere. So if you want to reduce your dysfunction and lethargy (probably because you are a masochist) then an ad like rescue has your back.

RescueTime is very much for your personal time and productivity savior which is free and compact. It gives you a detailed overview and analysis of how you spent your work hours and tells you which of those percentages you were productive with. It gives you a reevaluation of how you spend your work time (or your life) with cold hard data.

You do not have to be selective in these Mozilla Firefox add-ons for blog owners. Install them all and be the content creator you are.

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