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These 21 Motivational Quotes have been prepared based on many days of research and experience. Some of these are Inspirational Thoughts of various great persons and some thoughts are the author of, which were created during the writing of various articles. These quotes are viewed by millions and have been shared thousands of times on Whatsapp, Facebook and many other websites.

We are hopeful that if these ideas are to be brought to life in a steady way, then the life of any person can change with these thoughts.

 21 Life Changing Motivational Thoughts in English

                           Motivational Quote # 1


When you were born then you cried while the whole world had celebrated. Live your life so that the whole world will cry on your death and you celebrate

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                                             Inspirational Quote # 2

Stop Blaming Others

You can not erase your problems and difficulties until you believe others because of your problems and difficulties.

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                          Motivational Quote # 3

 Choose Your Own Way

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The crowd always runs on the path which seems easy, but that does not mean that the crowd always runs on the right track. Choose your own path because no one knows better than you.

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                  Inspirational Quote # 4

Nothing Is Impossible

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Nothing impossible in this world. We can do all that we can think and we can think of all those things which we have not thought to this day.

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                               Motivational Quote # 5

Never Give Up

There is no use of returning from the middle path, because when you return, you will have to make the same distance as you can reach the goal as far as you can.

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                          Inspirational Quote # 6

Success and Failure

Success introduces us to the world and failure brings us to the world.

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                            Motivational Quote # 7


If you want something from the heart, then the whole process takes you to join you.

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                     Inspirational Quote # 8


Greatness is in never falling, but every time it is falling down.

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                          Motivational Quote # 9


If you do not accept your mistakes on time, then you make another mistake. You can learn from your mistakes only when you accept your mistakes.

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                     Inspirational Quote # 10


If you become worried because of things and situations, which is not under your control, then the result is a waste of time and a future.

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                                                     Motivational Quote # 11


All the forces of the universe are already ours. They are the ones who keep their eyes on their eyes and then cry, how much is the darkness.

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                Inspirational Quote # 12

Create Your Own Destiny

If we want, we can write our own fortune on our own self-confidence and hard work, and if we do not want to write our destiny then circumstances will write our destiny.

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                             Motivational Quote # 13


  Dreams are not what we see in sleep, dreams are those who do not let us sleep.

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                    Inspirational Quote # 14


You can not say that you do not have time, because you get the same amount of time (24 hours) in the day as great and successful people get it.

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                           Motivational Quote # 15

Never Give Up

Running through troubles is like inviting new troubles. From time to time in life, challenges and troubles have to be faced and this is the truth of life. Sailor never becomes skilled in a quiet sea

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                         Inspirational Quote # 16


In faith, it is the power that can bring light in the withering world. Faith can make stone a god and unbelief can make God’s created person stone stone.

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                           Motivational Quote # 17


From afar, we see all the way forward, because the way of success opens to us only when we get closer to it.

                             Inspirational Quote # 18


Difficulties in life do not come to ruin us, but it helps us to overcome our hidden power and powers. Let the difficulties know that you are even more difficult than that.

                                Motivational Quote # 19

Education Degree

If you are an engineer or a doctor then you can do the same thing. But if you do not have any degree, then