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how to rank website on first page google

Back in 1999, whilst Google became just a glint in Larry Page’s eye, SERPs weren’t “a component” yet.

It becomes handiest while he and Sergey Brin got here up with an innovative way of ranking consequences primarily based at the number of links they acquired, that modern-day search became born:
Twenty years later, search has changed.

Today, Google makes use of over two hundred ranking factors of their algorithm to determine which content receives on the first web page of Google.

Let’s take a look at the top-ranking signals:

  1. Links
  2. Content
  3. RankBrain
  • Links
    Links are nevertheless the maximum important ranking thing. Backlinko studies discovered the variety of domains linking to a web page correlated with rankings greater than some other aspect:

how to rank post google first page

And every other look at of one billion pages by means of Ahrefs found that the extra one-way links a page has, the extra key phrases it ranks for:

  • Content
    Google prefers to rank content material that covers a subject in-intensity and on-factor; i.E. You want to post relevant and complete content on topics associated with your business.

Backlinko and MarketMuse located that “comprehensive content substantially outperformed shallow content”:

Further studies and evaluation from Market Muse into how Google’s Hummingbird works discovered that pinnacle-ranked content is in-intensity, comprehensive, and authoritative.

  • RankBrain
    RankBrain is part of Google’s seek algorithm. It covers many things, however, the overarching concept is that it desires to serve searchers the first-class great content for their question.

The same Backlinko examine discovered that “longer content ranked drastically higher than quick content”:

It stands to cause that longer content covers a topic more very well than shorter content.

And by using rating long content material better, Google gives the first-class solution to searchers.

Long-form content material normally:

  1. Gets more social shares.
  2. Gets more backlinks.
  3. Boosts the topical relevance of a page.

But it’s now not simply content period that matters. There could be loads of 2000-phrase articles on the identical subject matter.

You also want to create 10X content material in order that your page stands proud of the group. How? By making sure your content is:

  • Presented in a person-friendly manner thru the person interface, format, fonts, and pictures.
  • Different in scope and element from comparable content.
  • A combination of exceptional, sincere, useful, attractive, and exquisite. 

It’s these guiding concepts which have brought about some industry specialists voicing how the search engine optimization is fast becoming UXO (User Experience Optimization).

how to rank post google first page

I.E. Content duration and layout by myself are no longer enough. Google is looking at how human beings engage along with your content material and using those alerts – jump rate, time on a web page, scroll depth – to determine how properly your content satisfies search rationale.

RankBrain is self-learning and can make tweaks to the algorithm in actual-time based totally on person engagement inside and outdoor the SERPs. This simple diagram captures the primary concept:

There are hundreds of additional rating factors such as:

Site pace – information from Alexa suggests pages on rapid-loading web sites rank notably better than pages on sluggish-loading websites.

Security – Google confirmed HTTPS as a rating sign.

URL duration – Shorter URLs have a tendency to rank higher than longer ones.

Images – Content with at the least one photo ranks higher.
Due to the complexity of the set of rules and stage of SERP competition, it’s vital to take into account that it takes time to rank on the primary web page of Google, even in case you’re generating the nice viable content.

Ahrefs tracked the rating overall performance of pages in their first 12 months, and found that simplest 5.7% made it onto Page 1 for as a minimum one keyword:

But don’t depression!

Here are 12 actionable records-driven strategies you may use to get your business or customers on the primary web page of Google…..Quicker.

how to rank post on google first page

Why is the First Page of Google so Important?
Google is all-effective. It crawls the internet, determining which pages are the maximum useful and applicable for its users for absolutely any subject matter. We don’t simply accept as true with Google’s outcomes, we depend on them—to make selections all through the day for everything of our lives. With such colossal strength and impact, getting your small commercial enterprise on the primary web page of Google might seem unrealistic. However, this very energy Google holds that makes it more possible than ever to get on the primary page of Google effects.

Why the Top of Google is Even More Important
Google’s seek results are becoming more sturdy— with information panels, answer containers, expandable related questions, nearby consequences, and greater. With so many ways to face out, running for pinnacle ranking is well really worth the effort.

Top Ranking Means Significantly Higher Clickthrough Rate
It’s a known truth that the first web page of Google captures most of the people of visitors, however, did you understand that there are giant differences in clickthrough rates for the top vs backside consequences? A SmartInsights examine indicates the following clickthrough costs via Google position:

• First end result: 36.Four% clickthrough price
• Second end result: 12.5% clickthrough rate
• Third end result: 9.Five% clickthrough charge

The clickthrough price keeps to say no, down to two.2% for the 10th result (there are usually 10 natural effects max in keeping with page, even less now with local outcomes, commercials, solution boxes, and other new features. If you’re now not at the top of Google seek results, you’re missing out on quite a few clicks.

Get Immediate Exposure
Don’t neglect that pinnacle effects for Google searches now additionally populate “Position Zero” solution boxes, like the one shown below:

Earning a top spot on Google may want to result in getting featured in such first-page snippets, granting your business instant exposure and growing your credibility.

Top Position Traffic Share
Another look at by means of Chitika discovered that the top result on Google captures 33% of search site visitors. Then towards the top, you can get your website to seem on Google, the better your search presence and emblem authority.

How Do Top/First-Page Rankings Benefit Your Business?
It’s the primary page of GOOGLE. What more is there to recognize? There are loads to recognize, truly. It’s vital to apprehend the special goals that top-ranking can assist your commercial enterprise to gain.

1. Improve Your Visibility
Let’s say you have a brick and mortar place. If you had the choice between putting your commercial enterprise on the primary avenue that is going through a city or a quiet side street, which one would you pick out? The essential street, of the route.

With 167 billion searches according to month, getting on the first page of Google is like planting your business at the busiest street in town. The extra people that see your internet site, the greater your emblem attention. The greater acquainted purchasers are along with your logo, the greater receptive they may be to conversion activities.

2. Generate More Leads
Now, what in case you needed to pick between the primary street of a diverse town or a metropolis of ideal clients? There are as many Google first pages as seek queries available. Your purpose is to get on the first page for queries that your ideal clients are appearing. By doing so, you get discovered with the aid of clients which can be searching on-line with the cause to shop for or engage. These human beings are the most probably to transform into leads and customers on your commercial enterprise.

3. Increase Engagement
According to Adweek, 81 % of shoppers conduct online studies before shopping for, and Google is the cross-to for this. With answer packing containers, the “People additionally ask” segment, and neighborhood effects displaying contact data, maps, opinions, scores, and descriptions, Google’s search engine outcomes page on my own allows purchasers to study, examine, and interact with your commercial enterprise earlier than even clicking on your end result.

4. Drive Website Traffic
Snippets and solution boxes can simplest offer a lot of facts. While a seek engine consequences web page itself can every so often deliver all of the records someone desires, there are still a number of queries for which people will inevitably click on via to a website. Don’t neglect that it frequently takes several engagements with an enterprise earlier than someone converts into a client, so interactions along with your website are crucial.

Not simplest does being on the primary page of Google significantly boom visitors in your website; no longer being on the primary web page of Google has a big drawback. In fact, the first web page of Google captures as a minimum 71% of internet site visitors (some sources say as much as 92%), and the second page is a long way from a near 2d: It drops to six% of website clicks. This steep decline in internet site visitors is an indicator of simply how vital the primary web page of Google is.

5. Increase Your Industry Authority
Getting on the first web page of Google requires regularly creating terrific content material that Google acknowledges is satisfying the desires of its searchers. This takes time, but the multiplied visitors and agree with so that it will end result is well worth the investment.

In addition, writing regularly approximately your industry and enterprise will require you to stay in track with what your target market wants to know as well as what today’s updates are for your industry. Appearing on the primary web page of Google is crucial because it allows the improvement and maintenance of a strong know-how base upon which your commercial enterprise can firmly stand.

6. Earn Trust
Google’s algorithm is designed to recognize spammy, suspicious, and coffee-excellent content. If you’re constantly showing up on the primary web page of Google, it means that Google recognizes you as a trusted source of information, and consumers accept as true with groups that Google trusts.

7. Build Your Audience
As cited above, getting on the first web page of Google calls for creating remarkable, evergreen content material. This form of content material is the present that continues on giving; it can be repurposed and redistributed throughout a spread of advertising channels along with social media, email, and paid advertisements.

Your content-pushed efforts to get on the primary page of Google will offer you with extra fabric and greater possibilities to engage along with your target audience, nurture leads, and stay top of mind.

How Many Different Ways Can You Get to the Top of Google?
Getting on the first page of Google isn’t most effective a not unusual goal amongst small commercial enterprise proprietors, however additionally a very possible one. Google isn’t always targeted on quantity, however satisfactory. As a end result, a bigger enterprise or larger finances does not equate to top rank. There are numerous factors behind Google’s algorithm and, way to the reality that Google’s effects web page has many exceptional components, there are also exceptional types of media that may obtain first-web page repute. They consist of:

• Blog posts and website pages (in natural consequences)
• Your Google My Business list (within the local/maps section)
• Your landing pages (thru the paid commercials phase)
• Snippets of your internet site content material (in Google’s many search results page features which include “People additionally ask” and the solution box.

Now it’s time to speak about how exactly to go approximately doing that for every medium.

How to Use Your Website to Get on the First Page of Google
The practice of aligning your website with seek engine ranking factors is referred to as seo (search engine optimization). You do no longer necessarily seek engine-optimize your whole web page right away, however alternatively each man or woman web page for your web site. Here’s how to achieve this:

1. Determine Your Keywords
First, decide which seek queries you need Google to answer together with your internet site pages. These are known as key phrases—which, by using the manner, maybe single phrases OR terms.

Examples of key phrases include:

  1. • “MA tenant legal guidelines”
  2. • “salon close to me”
  3. • “brunch Boston”
  4. • “air conditioner restore Brighton”
  5. • “the way to plug a leaky roof”
  6. • “the way to get on the primary web page of Google”

Each web page for your internet site needs to goal a one of a kind set of keywords in order that the pages aren’t competing with every other.

The proper key phrases on your business are those who your ideal customers are typing in to get the goods and services they want. For assist choosing key phrases in your business, check out our article: How Local Businesses Can Improve SEO: Tips for Ranking on Google

2. Tell Google Your Keywords
Google works via crawling the internet, inventorying the tens of millions of pages that exist, and storing them in an index. When a consumer plays a search, Google can then scan thru its more organized index (as opposed to the entire web) to quickly come up with relevant effects.

Therefore, some other important step for showing up on the first page of Google is to make it as clean as viable for Google to test, index, and retrieve your website. Do this with the aid of putting keywords inside the following locations of your webpages:

• Title
Every weblog submits and page of your website has a title. This identify seems at the pinnacle of your page but also because of the identity of that page’s list in search results.

• Meta Description
The meta description is the little blurb that shows up beneath the title in Google search outcomes. In addition to telling Google what your page is ready, the meta description fast tells a searcher what they could anticipate if they click on on your web page, increasing the applicable clicks to that web page. Therefore the meta description facilitates Google to place your business at the right first web page for the right searches and helps Google searchers to hold it there.

A URL is largely a elaborate name for “hyperlink”. It includes your domain call (along with thrivehive.Com), observed by an ahead shrink, observed by using textual content separated via dashes. For instance, the URL of this web page is thrivehive.Com/get-on-the-first-page-of-google/

Including key phrases for your URL will assist Google greater speedy pick out what your web page is ready. Also, the URL appears in among the title and meta description in search consequences. An easy URL that fits the title of the web page is greater attractive and truthful to users, and better suitable for first-page appearances.

• Alt Tags
Google can best see pictures if the picture has a textual content alternative (aka alt tag). If your alt tag consists of keywords, Google can hit upon similarly relevancy of that web page and experience extra comfortable setting you on its first web page of search outcomes.

3. Write for Humans
Of path, the body of your web page’s content material is the maximum crucial vicinity to consist of the key phrases for which you’re trying to rank. However, it’s far essential that these key phrases are not systematically and excessively inserted however naturally integrated. In reality, Google can now come across key-word stuffing and if it does it will location you far, a ways from the first page of its outcomes.

The key to getting on the primary page of Google is imparting useful, trustworthy, easy-to-read, however informative content material so that it will preserve your audience for your pages and coming back for greater. If you want to rank on the first web page of Google for a specific keyword search, your page needs to offer the statistics, and now not just the keywords, that customers are trying to gain when they kind that seek into Google.

4. Emphasize Location
Another manner to get your internet site pages on the first web page of Google is to goal location-based totally queries. Make sure your internet site honestly shows your town and/or geographic location, via your contact page and probably additionally thru blog posts and offerings pages. That way, while human beings seek: “your enterprise” + ”your town”, Google will select up that statistics and show your business as a “close to me” search result.

Even if a consumer does now not search the use of a selected place, Google will nevertheless serve up geographically applicable results primarily based on their IP deal with, so local SEO is usually essential.

5. Optimize for Mobile
You will not discover a website at the pinnacle of a Google search that is not responsive. Consumers now use phones and drugs extra than computer systems and laptops, and the majority of neighborhood searches are executed on cellular devices. As an end result, Google favors cell-pleasant web sites. Responsive is good, as your internet site will adapt to any size screen and keep capability. However, if you don’t have a responsive website, there are changes you can make in your web site to ensure the maximum seamless experience for a cell consumer.

6. Focus on User Experience
Being cell-pleasant isn’t sufficient for a website. It has to also be attractive and consumer-friendly. A website with intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and solutions to your site visitors’ most on the spot questions will preserve visitors there longer and coming lower back later—which Google will word and, in turn, rank you better. The higher you rank, the extra traffic you may get to your site, and the much more likely you are to reveal up on the first page.

How to Use Your Business Listings to Get on the First Page of Google
In addition to your website pages, your online business listing listings can also display up on the primary web page of a Google seek. Here’s what you want to do:

1. Create a Google My Business Listing
Google My Business is evolving into one of the maximum effective (no longer to mention free) gear for neighborhood commercial enterprise proprietors. Both Google Maps and Search pull from Google My Business listings to expose nearby consequences. Creating a Google My Business profile is a quick and easy manner to get your business on the primary web page for region-based totally searches. Make positive you follow via with claiming and verifying your list so that you can reveal, keep, and optimize your list.

2. Optimize your Google My Business Listing
Don’t simply create a listing and wish that it shows up for one or two searches. Optimize your Google My Business listing for maximum visibility. Here’s how:

• Complete each phase of your profile
The more records you encompass to your Google My Business list, the extra searches for which it is able to show up on the primary web page. In reality, whole Google My Business listings get, on common, 7x greater clicks than incomplete listings.
• Keep your name regular
Use the same genuine name to your enterprise at all times. Google doesn’t like discrepancies—even the ones as minor as “Co.” vs “Company”
• Update your information
Not being able to locate your business, showing as much as find it closed, or getting an operator when trying to name can’t handiest deter a customer, but additionally, make them distrust your commercial enterprise or write a poor overview. Stay on a pinnacle of your Google listing and make the vital updates and modifications so that it is able to be trusted sufficient to be on the top of the list.
• Obtain Google Reviews
Google searchers love to look at what different human beings reflect on consideration on an enterprise, so it’s no marvel that the businesses with more advantageous Google reviews display up on the primary page. Ask clients in individual and create an overview shortcut hyperlink so you can without problems encourage opinions throughout your online channels.
• Upload pictures to your list
Google My Business strives to equip customers with as plenty records about an enterprise as possible, before even encountering that enterprise. This includes what it’s like to be at that commercial enterprise, so make sure to upload images that depict now not only the products and offerings your enterprise offers however also the ecosystem and those that common it.
• Use our Google listing grader
We have a loose tool designed especially for Google My Business listings. Simply log in with your Google business account and in much less than 30 seconds, you’ll get an evaluation of your profile and research what you want to do to get closer to the first page. Try it below:

8. List Your Business on Other Directories
Google My Business is robust, but you should nonetheless create and optimize listings on other popular directories like Yelp. First, due to the fact Yelp has high traffic and is widely depended on via Google, so your business’s Yelp web page can thoroughly show up on the first page of Google for applicable searches. Second, due to the fact, a strong list with high-quality reviews improves your online presence in well known. Online evaluate and hyperlinks from other relied on websites ship signals to Google that figure into its ranking algorithm.

As along with your Google My Business list, make certain the relaxation of your online listing listings are whole and accurate, consistent throughout structures, updated, and that you are amassing and responding to opinions. Don’t forget to add pictures in your on-line listings as properly.

How to Use Ads to Get to the Top of Google
It’s free to get your internet site pages to show up first for organic outcomes, however, this can take time, so a paid search campaign may be a awesome alternative for the interim. Paid seek commercials are the outcomes that display up at the top of the first page of search outcomes. Read on to find out about how they work and how you could use them for your enterprise.

What are Google Ads?
Google Ads is a program wherein you pay for pages of your website (advertisements) to reveal up at the pinnacle of search results pages for unique queries. However, better pay does no longer equate to a better rank. Google has a set of rules for its paid results as properly, so whilst someone searches the key phrases you are bidding on, Google compares all the commercials which might be bidding for that key-word and, relying for your advert relevancy, finances, and other elements, you could or won’t show up first in consequences. For this cause, you handiest pay while a person clicks to your advert and lands on your internet site (pay per click version, or PPC).

How to Succeed with Google Ads
There’s plenty to pay attention to when jogging a Google Ad. Here are some short suggestions to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your first web page appearances on Google:

• Implement tracking with tracked smartphone numbers and links
• Write competitive advert replica
• Take gain of ad extensions
• A/B check your ads
• Use poor keywords
• Optimize your touchdown pages for conversion
• Keep tune of marketing campaign metrics

While it’s miles viable to run a Google Ad Marketing campaign your self, your nice wager is to let an expert do it for you so we can make the maximum of your budget.

Getting to the pinnacle of Google, or maybe just improving your ranking, could be very possible, even for small corporations. It takes paintings and time, however, it is one of the most crucial things you may do for your commercial enterprise. By knowing in which and the way to make modifications, you can get your enterprise the visibility it merits.

how to rank website on google first page in Hindi

Top ranking in Google is a signal of your site success. According to a survey, a site that ranks on Google’s first page receives 90% of its traffic.

Today in this article I will tell you how to do Google Ranking Improvement of the website.

So let’s start…
Website How to Improve Google Ranking
You cannot buy rankings for your website, but there are some strategies that help to get top rank in Google search. These strategies do not apply only to Google. This also applies to all major search engines SEO.

Publish Unique & Quality Content
Always publish Unique & Quality Content on your blog. Because this is the first and most important step to rank higher in Google search results.

Also, pay attention to the length of the content. This means a lot in search engines. Compared to short content, Long content ranks better in search engines.

SEO Friendly Article Kaise Likhe
But keep in mind one thing, do not write nonsense things to increase the length of your content.

Create High-Quality Backlinks
Backlinks are one of the Google ranking factors. High-quality backlinks can bring huge changes in your website search engine ranking. It also helps in increasing the Domain Authority.

But bad/spammy/ buy / low-quality backlinks can do a lot of damage to your website ranking.
If you want to increase Google ranking for free, always try to create high-quality Backlinks. 100 Quality Backlinks equals 1000 low-quality backlinks. Here is a guide

Improve Your Website Loading Speed
Google is using page speed as a ranking factor. If your site takes longer to load, then your site will not be able to get good rank in Google search results. In addition, visitors do not like to visit the Slow loading site.

Fast loading affects both website ranking and user experience and ranks well in Google search.

Quick Tips to Fix Website Loading Speed

  1. Upgrade to PHP 7.2
  2. Optimize Your Image Size
  3. Keep only useful plugins
  4. Delete Unwanted Media
  5. Minify CSS and JS Files
  6. Use a good Cache plugin
  7. Minimize redirects
  8. Use a good web host

Apart from this, here is a detailed guide – How to increase the loading speed of WordPress Blog

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
There has been a huge increase in the number of mobile users and it has completely dominated desktop search. This is why Google is using mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor to improve the mobile user experience.

So make sure your site is mobile friendly. For this, you can use Mobile Testing Tool. It has been developed by Google. If your site is not mobile-friendly, then you need to install a Responsive WordPress theme on your site or you need to talk to your developer.

Also, keep the design of your site clean and simple. The design of the site creates a good impression on users.

Do on-page SEO well
On-Page SEO is one of the most important parts of SEO. This greatly improves the Google Ranking of your website.

  • Focus on Content Quality
  • Optimize Your Title
  • Try writing content lengthy
  • Create SEO Friendly URLs for Your Blog Post
  • Do Keyword Research before writing a post
  • Use Long-Tail Keywords for your article.
  • Use Proper name and ALT Tag for your images
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing
  • Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
  • Add your focus keyword in the first 100 words
  • Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed
  • Optimize Meta Descriptions
  • Use Proper Heading Tags
  • Write Regularly Fresh and New Posts
  • Fix Broken Links in Your Content
  • Do internal linking
  • Use related keywords in the content
  • Use Nofollow Tag for Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links
  • Use Outbound Links
  • Use Social Sharing Buttons
  • Use Modifiers Word (“2019”, “best”, “guide”, “checklist”, “fast” and “review”) in your Title
  • Use Images and Video in Your Posts
  • Keep Your Site Clean and Simple

Move your site to HTTPS
HTTPS is also one of the Google ranking factors. When Google ranks a page, it uses https as ranking factors.

Therefore, to rank higher in Google, migrate your site to https. Here is a guide – WordPress Site Ko HTTP Se HTTPS Par Move Kaise Kare

Do keyword research
Keyword research is very important to get a better rank in Google search results.

If you publish unique and very useful articles on your blog but do not do Keyword Research, then your site will not rank high in Google search results. Here is a guide – How to do Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research is not a difficult task. There are many great tools and websites that can help you find the best keywords. Here I have made a list – Best Keyword Research Tools for any website

But one thing, if your blog or website is brand new, then use long-tail keywords for your content. Long-tail keywords play an important role in increasing your Google ranking. They are highly targeted. In addition, it helps to increase organic traffic to your website.

Benefits of using long-tail keywords:

Less competition.
Better conversion rates.
Improve website search ranking.
Improve organic traffic.
Here is a detailed guide on Long-Tail Keywords – Long Tail Keywords Research Kaise Kare 

Do internal linking
When you link an old article to your new article, it is called Internal Linking. It has many benefits,

The links pass the juice.
Page views increase.
Reduces the bounce rate.
Makes your content more informative and user-friendly.
Help to crawl your site better.
Improve your website SEO.

Use External Links in Your Content
This technique makes your content even more useful for visitors. Also, it helps search engines better understand what your content is about.

When you add External Links to your content, you have to keep many things in mind – that site should be related to your site, that site should not be spam, its DA and PA should also be good, etc.

Make Your URLs SEO Friendly
Always create SEO Friendly URL for your blog post. It helps search engines understand – what your blog post is about.

Try to make your URL short and readable. And also use your target keyword in it.

Quick Tips for Creating SEO Friendly URLs

Make your URL short and readable.
Add your target keyword.
Remove the stop words.
Do not add extra words.
Optimize Your Images
Use proper names and ALT tags for your images. Your images will be able to get a good rank in search results, as well as increase traffic.

Also, if you use a lot of images on your blog or website, before uploading them,
resize and compress. This reduces your image size and improves the loading speed of your site. Here’s a guide – How to do Images Optimization for SEO

Use images and videos
Use media (video and image) in your content. This makes your content more attractive and useful, and visitors are not bored when reading it.

If you want to keep visitors on your blog for a long time, then you should use images and videos in your articles.

Fix Broken Links
Broken links (404 not found) affect both ranking and user experience. If there are too many broken links on your site, Google will reduce the crawling of your site. The search engine (Google) will understand that the website owner does not maintain the site well.

Furthermore, when visitors visit a site that has a large number of broken links, they do not like to return to that site. has many free Broken Link Checker plugin which helps you to easily fix Broken links on your blog.

Increase the Domain Authority of your site
Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that represents the Reputation of your site. It is developed by Moz. Higher domain authority site gets a good rank in Google search results. Here is a guide – Website Ki Domain Authority Kaise Badhaye 2019 (16 Ultimate Guide)

The Domain Authority is created on a scale of 1 to 100. You can check your site on DA MOZ’s free tool, Open Site Explorer.

Quick Tips to Increase Domain Authority

Publish Quality Content.
On-Page SEO – plays an important role in increasing DA.
Do internal linking.
Create high-quality backlinks.
Remove Bad Links
Be patient and let your domain grow old.
Buy good web hosting
Good web hosting is very important to increase website ranking and traffic. If you make a mistake in choosing web hosting, it will greatly affect Google ranking and traffic. Your website will remain mostly in downtime and your site will load very slowly. I have made a list of some of the best web hostings that you can use.

Use SEO Friendly Framework
Use SEO friendly theme on your site. SEO friendly theme also plays an important role in improving website ranking.

Since not all WordPress is SEO friendly and their coding is also not good. If you choose the wrong theme for your site, it affects both your loading speed and SEO.

Update your old post
Please update your old post. With this, Google will like your site more and will rank well in a search result.

When you update your content, use new images and videos in it. This makes your old post new. After updating the post, ask the search engine (Google) to crawl it again.

Use Cache Plugin
The Cache plugin is a very essential plugin for any WordPress site. The main goal of the Cache plugin is to improve the user experience by improving your website loading speed. This makes your site super fast and reduces the load on your server.

There are lots of Caching plugins available in But W3 Total Cache is the best plugin among them all.
Comes with features like page caching, browser caching, object caching, database caching and minification. Alternatively, you can use WP Super Cache plugin.

CDN improves your site performance. It creates a Cache version of your site on its servers and Serves the content to the users through the servers that are closest to the user’s locations. This reduces your server load and improves website loading speed.

There are many CDN services available in the market. Currently, I use Cloudflare on my site. This is a very popular CDN service.

Use Nofollow Tag for Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links
Affiliate Links /untrusted/spammy links can harm your website ranking. If you add Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links to your content, use the rel = “no follow” tag.

For this, you can use the Ultimate Nofollow plugin. This plugin gives you complete control over the rel = “no follow” tag.

Also, if you use a plugin to manage your Affiliate Links, you can easily set a No-Follow tag for your Affiliate Links.

Share your content on Social Media Sites
In this competitive market, we cannot wait for visitors to come on the blog, we have to deliver our content to them. So share your site as much as you can.

In addition, we can take advantage of social media sites. There are many social networking sites where people spend more of their time.

Create a Sitemap and submit to Google Search Console
A sitemap helps in crawling your website/blog better.

If you are using Yoast SEO or Jetpack on your site, they allow you to easily create an XML Sitemap.

How to do Website Google Ranking Improvement
After creating your sitemap, submit it to Google Search Console.

Publish Daily Fresh and New Posts
Google ranks well on blogs that regularly publish Fresh and New Posts. This increases both Google ranking and blog readers. But your content should be informative and useful. Readers prefer to read those blogs and publish content with new and unique idea every day.

If you publish 4 posts a week but don’t publish anything the next week, this strategy is worse than publishing two posts a week.

Keep an eye on the latest Google Algorithms
It is very important to keep an eye on Google’s latest algorithms. If you do not pay attention to the latest Google Algorithms, you will not be able to succeed in blogging. There are many blogs which were getting a lot of traffic from Google search result. But after the Google Algorithms update, their traffic and rankings decreased drastically.

The conclusion
The strategy I told you here will help you improve your Google ranking 100%. But you cannot boost your website ranking overnight. This is a long time process. You have to be patient in this.

But keep in mind one thing Quality content is very important. If you use all these techniques on your site but do not pay attention to quality content, then all your hard work is useless. Google will not rank your content well in the search result.

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