30+ Best Health and Nutrition Tips

(Best Health and Nutrition Tips ) Health Tips This is a question that everyone wants to know nowadays. Health Tips The environment and food around us has become so contaminated that we really need to pay a lot of attention to health.

In today’s time, people should be aware of health tips and they should make it an essential part of their life.

If any person wants to succeed, then he will be able to attempt success only when his body is healthy and healthy.

Without good health, neither wealth can be achieved nor success can be achieved.

30+ Best Health and Nutrition Tips
Best Health and Nutrition Tips

There will be some readers of ours who are struggling with many small health problems and these problems will stand like a wall on their way to success. (Best Health and Nutrition Tips )

How can I keep you healthy for such readers today? (Best Health and Nutrition Tips ) I am going to tell 35 Health Tips In Hindi which will work like Amrit for them.

And even if you are fully healthy, then this Best Health and Nutrition Tips is for you because if you adopt them then Health Problems will never touch you.


If you want to lose extra weight and stay active throughout the day, then keep in mind these 20 tips throughout the day. Actually, we are unable to pay attention to many small things related to diet and eat many things which do not benefit our body. Here we are telling you about some similar things:

Here Health and Nutrition Tips

Table of Contents

1. Drink plenty of water daily and eat calorie-free things.

2. Have breakfast in the morning. Not having breakfast causes many diseases.

3. Be a little choosy while taking a night snack.

4. Keep eating something throughout the day, there should not be a long gap between meals.

5. Try to have protein in food.

6. Reduce spicy foods.

health and nutrition tips
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7. While eating, eat red, green orange color. Do follow this rule of three numbers and include these food items like carrots, oranges and green vegetables.

8. If you want to lose weight, reduce the amount of salt in the food.

9. If you want to lose weight, then you should eat vegetable vegetable soup with less calories before eating every day, it will consume 20% less calories and your stomach will be full.

10. Excluding calorie count, only nutritional balance diet should be taken.

11. Keep food records, you should keep a record of your daily food, such as how much food you have eaten and how much water you drink. For this you can create an app and food diary.

12. Eat comfortably. According to research, people who eat food quickly become obese. So eat food comfortably.

13. Dinner on time and eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

14. Avoid drinking things like diet soda during the day.

health and nutrition tips

15. Take care of fat while preparing food. Use oil, butter, pimples, creams to a minimum.

16. Avoid eating snacks at dinner time.

17. Do not take carbohydrates at dinner. Actually, if carbohydrate is eaten in the morning then it acts as fuel for your body in a way. But keep in mind that do not take carbohydrate things at night.
18. Do not eat anything after dinner. Be honest in this case and try not to eat anything after dinner.

19. Share to eat: While sharing lunch, do share it with your friends. This is a good way to check calories.

20. Get full sleep at night.

21- To be healthy, the most important thing is to wake up in the morning and drink 3 to 4 glasses of water. If you drink 3 to 4 glasses (that is, about one liter) of lukewarm water without getting up early in the morning and brushing,

then the toxins of your body will come out. Keep in mind that you do not have to drink anything until 45 minutes after drinking water.

22- Exercise & Yoga is a habit that will help you the most in keeping you healthy. You must workout in the morning. You can set aside at least 20 minutes for daily exercise and as much time as you like.

Morning Exercise will keep you full of energy and happy all day.

health and nutrition tips

23- Breakfast is a diet on which 50% of our health depends. In the morning breakfast you should eat Sprouted Grams & Pulses, a seasonal fruit and some dry fruits.

Try to have your breakfast by 8 in the morning. If you want, you can also take fresh fruit juice.

24- One good tips to stay healthy is that you should not drink water immediately after eating food. Drinking water immediately reduces gastric fire and food is not digested properly. Therefore, you should drink water at least 45 minutes after eating food. Very good if the water is lukewarm.

25- Best tips to stay healthy (Best Tips for Stay Healthy) is that you should urinate immediately after eating food, immediately before bathing and just before bedtime.

Urination immediately after eating reduces the risk of stones and sugar. Urination immediately before bathing brings the body to a normal temperature and urinating immediately before bed helps in sleeping.

26- If you want to stay healthy then stop eating sugar from today. Sugar causes great harm to our body. If you can’t stop, then reduce it a lot. Use honey, sugar, jaggery etc. Also, use salt sparingly. If you eat salt, only use Rock Salt.

27- Meditation is very important to stay healthy. It keeps our mental health perfectly fit as well as physical health. You must give mediation at least 15 minutes in the morning or evening.

Meditation is the best way to be tension free. You will be healthier if you are tension free. Keep in mind that while meditation, the surrounding environment should be clean and pleasant.

28- Many diseases also occur due to lack of sleep. If the sleep is not complete, the whole day is wasted. You must sleep at least 6 hours and not more than 8 hours.

During sleep, our body’s vitality repairs the body, the body gets rest due to which we become fully recharged.

29- What time do you eat? Healthy Tips is that eating time should be fixed to stay healthy. You must have breakfast till 8 in the morning.

You can have lunch around 12 noon and you should have dinner just before the sun sets in the evening. You can take milk while sleeping at night.

30- Body Massage is a very good way to keep the body healthy. You must do a full body massage every week. For this, you can use mustard, sesame or some Ayurvedic oil.

Oil massage keeps the blood flow in the veins of your body very good, so that the body does not get any disease.

31- Getting up early in the morning is a very good habit. You should wake up daily before the sun goes out. The climate of the morning has been considered similar to that of nectar.

Both body and mind remain fit after getting up between 4 to 5 in the morning. Morning time is very useful for walking, exercising and meditation. This is the best time for students to read.

32- It has also been proved by science that always being positive has a positive effect on your health too. A person with Positive Thinking avoids many diseases.

He has neither tension nor fatigue. Such a person lives a healthy and successful life.

33- Excess use of fruits and dry fruits makes the body feel naturally healthy. Our body digests the fruits in 2 hours while the body takes 6 to 8 hours to digest the food.

Anything eaten, the sooner your body digests, the better we will be healthy. You must use almonds and walnuts in dry fruits. Keep in mind that no more than 28 grams of dry fruits should be used at a time.

34- If you want to live a healthy life, then tea, coffee and fast food should be stopped. It will be possible to leave all three only when you start using its Substitute.

You can use Ayurvedic drinks instead of tea and coffee and you can sometimes eat fast food at home.

35- You can take some good and natural medicine regularly to live a healthy life. You can consume basil leaves daily. Also, you should consume green tea, gooseberry, garlic regularly.

All these work as natural medicine and protect you from getting sick.

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