Google Adsense Approval Tips and Tricks 2020 

If you do not want to log in with Google. you can request a Google AdSense account to be approved. but the bar has been rejected by Google, but you will still be able to contact me. and you will be able to contact us first. AdSense Non-Hosted Account Approve Just follow these tips to get help.
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Google AdSense Account Approval Tips

  1. Try to Write in English see Local language Adsense approval no longer needs to be translated into English as well as 70% for the first time or if you are not allowed to use can use Grammarly Bloggers
  1. Try to include at last 300 words to Your Articles so you do not have to type words in your words so you do not have to post it. if you have 100 words in front of the audience then you can not answer any other questions from the right words. According to the SEO Company you have to go to the right place for AdSense approval and get your ranking done.
  2. Avoid Popular Themes / Templates for your Blog what’s new to Google all of which are unique so if you have any idea about your blog, then you have to go to Hoga for the best way to get Adsense approval.
  3. Must create 3 or more Pages related to Your blog, About Us, Contact, Privacy & Policy, or 3 pages that will create your blog, 99% are requested to send a message to the server. And the page that has been created by page has been removed from the pages of this page as well
  4. Link your blog’s Social media to your blog create your own blog’s Fb page Twitter handle Google Plus Account etc. and create a new post on social media and share your content.
  5. Try to Update your blog every day or you have a great advantage that you have updated your blog and if you want to go to Google to post a blog then you have a blogger and timetable for it.
  6. Wait about at 1 month before Apply Yaar jaldi ka kaam satan aka Hota hai or Bloggers ka list I do not have any cheez Nahi Hota Iliye apko many kahunas 1 month do not do any work till 15din wait and then apply for Adsense, please.
  7. Try to Add a TLD Domain to your blog you do not have to register .com Domaine is available, you do not have to pay any taxes on your blog if you use. it for the Xyz (lowest price Rs.110). & you will not be asked to leave the for the same as the subdomain. 

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