Best Car Insurance Premium Step To Step Detail

Car Insurance Premium Is Influenced By These Factors

Purchasing a Car Insurance is necessary to safeguard your finances against unforeseen events like accidents. Getting your co-passengers secured along with you will facilitate a stress-free driving experience. Your Car Insurance is designed to provide a number of benefits especially if its a comprehensive plan.

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Not being insured would imply that you will have to shell out all the expenses in case any mishap occurs on the road. This will make a dent in your wallet and squandering away your hard-earned money is not a feasible option. Hence, purchasing a Car Insurance after buying your vehicle is of paramount importance.

Equally important is the policy selection process, which will firstly require extensive online research. It’s also essential that you compare the different plans online before settling on your pick. Thanks to the internet, information is readily available online which completely eliminates the need for an Insurance agent.

Before we proceed, let’s discuss some of the essential benefits provided by your Car Insurance Policy.

  1. Your Car Insurance will protect you against any third-party liabilities in case of an accident.
  2. It’s designed to provide protection from car loss or damage.
  3. You don’t have to bear repair and parts replacement costs as it’ll be covered by your Insurance policy.
  4. It offers monetary assistance for loss or damage occurring due to events like earthquakes, floods, fires, landslides, hurricanes, and lightning.
  5. It provides coverage against burglary and damages arising out of human actions.
  6. Making timely claims is essential to make the most of your Car Insurance. Here are the steps of the claim process for your cashless Car Insurance.

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Register a claim:

This has to be done immediately after the car accident/theft has occurred. If you are a policyholder at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance log in on our website or call on  1800-209-5858 (Toll-free). Avoid delaying the process and contact us as soon as possible. Our customer service executives will effectively guide you through the process.

Mandatory documents:

Make sure to keep the following documents and information handy while registering for your Car Insurance claim:

  • Chassis and the Engine number
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Location and description of the accident
  • Car inspection address
  • Kilometer reading
  • Police complaint (if your car is stolen)
  • Claim settlement:

Make sure to submit all the required documents to your garage/dealer who is repairing your car. After all the documents are verified, the money is dispatched straight to the network garage by the insurance provider.

Here are some instances where your Car Insurance claims could get rejected:

If the driver who files for the claim does not possess a valid driving license or did not inform right after the accident took place. This is the most common reason for claim rejection.

  • Expiration of the Car Insurance policy. Hence, timely renewal is very important.
  • In case, during the accident, your car was overcrowded with the number of passengers exceeding the prescribed limit.
  • If you were parked in a no-parking zone when someone hit your car.
  • In case the vehicle used had not undergone proper servicing.
  • Late filing of the claim.
  • If misleading information is provided to the insurance provider.
  • Failure to update your insurance provider about the details of your car repair.

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