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Best Topic For Bloggers :-Best Topics for Blog Writing  Hello friends if you are a new blogger or you want to start a new blog and are searching for Best and Popular Topics for your blog. So this post is for you only. Today we will tell you about the Top 10 Blogging Topics in this post. If you write a good article on these topics or you blogging by making any of these topics Niche, then you can quickly rank your website in Google.

best topic for blogger

There has been a lot of competition in blogging today, so only through the right Niche ya Topics, we are able to rank our website in Google. You can also create a micro niche blog on these topics because a micro niche blog in Google ranks quickly but for this you have to choose the right niche / topic.

Best Topics for Blog Writing

Top Blog Topics: You can create a blog on any of these topics, as well as if you want, you can write a unique article on any one of these topics by targeting them. You can also start a blog on any topic according to your interest.

1: Sarkari Job & Result | Best Topic For Bloggers

Sarkari Naukri ya Sarkari Job is a topic that is searched most on google. If you go to Google Keyword Planner and analyze Sarkari Job keyword, then you will see that this keyword has 10M searches and it is a low compitition keyword.

You can start a blog by targeting Sarkari Job Keyword and share related posts related to Latest Jobs and Naukri and Latest Results and Admit Card on your blog ya website. Traffic on Sarkari Job or Sarkari Naukri website also comes quite a lot, so your earning will also be good.

2: Gk & Current Affairs | Best Topic For Bloggers

If you want to start a blog related to education, then you can start a blog on Gk & Current Affairs topic. The keyword Gk & Current Affairs is also searched extensively in google.

Traffic on the blog of Gk & Current Affairs also comes a lot and all the students also like the website related to it and the user visits your website regularly. Also, if you want, you can also make a quiz website of general knowledge and current affairs.

3: Kahaniyan & Kahani | Best Topic For Bloggers

If you like writing Kahani then you can also start a story blog or website. The website of stories is searched a lot in Google and this search is done by most children because children are very fond of reading and listening to the story.

Kahani topic is searched up to 1M in google so you can create your blog on this keyword as well. And you can also write a unique blog post on this topic.

4: Technology | Best Topic For Bloggers

Blog related to technology is also searched a lot. You can also write a blog ya post on the technology topic and increase your website ka traffic.

There are many niche in technology, so you can also create a micro niche tech blog. You can write posts of information related to Reviews, Mobile Phones, Latest Smartphone or Tech News in Tech Blog.

5: Make Money Online | Best Topic For Bloggers

The Make Money Online topic is also searched a lot in Google and is a popular topic. Because everyone likes online paise kamana and people often search keywords like Make Money Online, Online Paise Kaise Kamaye.

You can write an article related to earning online paise in your blog and can inform people about ways to earn money online.

6: Health & Fitness | Best Topics for Blog

Health & Fitness is also a subject that is searched extensively in other countries including India but it has a high compitition in the English language blog. So you can make a Hindi health & fitness blog.

To start Health & Fitness blog, you need to have health related information because if you have information related to Health & Fitness, then only then you will be able to write a unique and useful article for your users and also solve the problem of your visitors. Will get

7: Blogging & SEO | Best Topic For Bloggers

Blogging & SEO is also a good keyword because new bloggers often search the blog Kaise Banaye or SEO Kaise Kare etc. on google. If you have knowledge of blogging or seo, then you can start a Blogging & SEO blog and bloggers can earn good money by learning to do Blogging & SEO.

7.1: How to Blog | Best Topic For Bloggers

If you like to solve questions then you can also start a how to blog. How to Topic is searched by one million people in Google.

By creating a blog on this keyword, you can write unique blog posts on the questions of the people who are searching for Google me and can bring traffic to your blog. You can use google keyword planner or premium ahref tool to find out how to keywords.

Best Topic For Bloggers

8: News & Politics | Best Topic For Bloggers

You can also make a blog on News & Politics. News & Politics keyword is searched daily and searches reach millions during the time of any particular news.

In the News or Politics blog website, you can write an article on the latest news or politics news, but to rank the news website ko, you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog website properly.

You can read newspaper to write new articles on the news website and get ideas for new article through newspaper.

9: Upcoming Events | Best Topic For Bloggers

Upcoming Events also have more search on google so you can create a blog in which you can share information about Upcoming Events. And why do people celebrate the importance of festivals or festivals? Can provide information about etc.

You can also do Event Blogging in the Events blog. You don’t have to write much articles in event blogging. In this, you have to create a blog through php script and you can earn good money by placing adsense ya other network ads on it.

Event blogging is a short term earning method but if you want to work on it then it can be a good topic for you.

10: Fashion & Beauty Tips | Best Topic For Bloggers

Nowadays everyone likes to look beautiful, so the Fashion & Beauty Tips blog is searched extensively on the Internet. You can also write an article on this topic.

In Fashion & Beauty Tips blog or article, you can earn good by giving information about Fashion and Beauty Tips to users. This topic is also a good niche for you.

11: Cooking |Best Topics for Blog

Cooking is also a good niche and information related to cooking is also searched on Google. If you like to cook, then you can give information about making customized food in the blog website.

In the Cooking Blog you can write posts about Indian Foods, Sweets, Spicy etc. Cooking topic is the best topic for women.

 12: Trending Topic | Best Topics for Blog

Trending topics is also a great topic and in this you can rank the post in google by writing a post on the trending topic with the help of google trend in your blog. Writing blog posts on trending topics also increases blog website ka traffic.

Trending posts are only profitable for a short time as the trending topic is searched for a short time and it depends on google search how long the topic will be trending in Google trend.

Finally, friends, I want to tell you that if your interest is in any other subject other than these topics, then you should start a new blog on it. Because you are able to work on that topic in which you have interest.

Friends, we hope that you will like the information given about Top 12 Blogging Topics. If you have any question, you can ask us through comment.Best Topic For Bloggers.

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