Best SEO Tools 2020 | Save Money and Rich Traffic

best Seo Tools 2020

Best SEO Tools 2020 | Save Money and Rich Traffic Website

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about some of the best SEO Tools 2020, which you can save your money by using your website for free and increase your traffic by ranking your website!

best Seo Tools 2020
best Seo Tools 2020

You get all these tools for free, for this you do not have to spend a single rupee! And these tools are very important for your website, you are going to have the most in 2020 i.e. in the coming days!

Why is Best SEO Tools 2020 important?

These SEO tools are going to be most important for you because in the coming days, the most competition in the field of blogging is going to increase, if you do not move ahead with time, you will go far behind! Going back here means that your site ranking and traffic will decrease drastically!

Here ranking and traffic only shows you success, and when you do not have these two, then there is no benefit from blogging you! Therefore, by using all these free SEO tools correctly, you can easily increase the ranking and traffic of your site!

And all the tools you are going to tell about this is absolutely free, you do not need to give a single rupee for this, so let’s see which is the best SEO Tools 2020!


By the way, this tool should not be used, but sometimes this tool is very useful to us, the main job of this tool is to rewrite any article, if you copy any article and paste in it. If you rewrite it, it makes a new format for your article by making some changes in your article!

But it can be dangerous for you, because you use blogging people to make your information accessible to people, not to reach another article, so you should avoid using it! By the way, this is very amazing tools that you can see after writing your own article, what else should you do well in your article!


This is very amazing SEO Tools, with the help of this you can check your article how much percentage of your article is unique, because it is very important for SEO to be unique to your article!

Unique means that how different is your article and this is what this tool tells you! You must use it, it is SEO tools of your lot!


The most important backlink is for your site to rank your site! There are two types of backlinks to your site, the first is good and the second is bad backlink!

This directly affects the ranking of your site and it helps a lot in increasing the domain authority of your site! But you should use it very thoughtfully! An incorrect Backlink can drop your site ranking! With the help of this tool you can create many backlinks!


It generates a meta tag for your site, which you can paste into the head section of your site to tell Google which topic your site is built on and is the main Keyword of your site!

This is very important for all sites, so when Google crawls your site, then it is easy to know which topic you have made your site above and why, and by searching your site, it will be Google Comes on the first page!


This tells the position of Rank Keyword of your site which Keyword your site is ranking on! And how much more work you should do on that Keyword so that it starts ranking that article on Google’s first page and number one! You can easily find out with the help of this tool! This tool is absolutely free for all of you!


This is the most important part for any website, to generate XML SITEMAP, and submit it! This indexes the posts in your site in Google!

That is, whenever there is a new post on your website, it tells Google that if a new article has been published on your site, then index it within yourself! This causes your article to index very quickly and rank easily!


This is not an SEO TOOL but it helps a lot in improving your SEO! It checks your site and tells that your site is ranked in a country, and on which position it is ranking!

ALEXA also tells you how much she is ranked in the whole world i.e. what number in the world she is ranking that website and who is your Comptitor, this lets you know which website your competition is competing with. is! With this, you can easily lower it!


This is also a very amazing website for you, with this you can count any article with the help of Word Counter,

This will let you know how much word you ranked article and you should write a word article to rank it! You can do it with the help of it!


With its help, you can check the indexed page and article in Google! This will let you know how many days your website is getting indexed and which posts have been indexed.


This tool tests the speed of your website and tells it! With this you can speed check your page, with this you can see the speed of website on both mobile and desktop!

If the speed of your website is low, then you can speed up the speed of your website by solving its problem! If you want to speed up your website, then you can read this article!

We have told all of you about the Best SEO Tools 2020, with the help of all the tools, you can audit your site completely and remove the problem in it! You must use all these tools for blogging, it will help you a lot!

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